Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday´s class / May 25/ 2013


Talking about past actions





Think about activities that happened in the past for example going out, study, dance, travel etc. (I went to Barranquilla last week, I went to a restaurant two weeks ago, I played soccer with my friends yesterday)




Watch the video carefully several times then do the same you can start answering these questions.

Answer these questions


What did you do last night?


What did you do yesterday?


What did you do last week?



Try to details and answer these questions orally in your house or with someone who speaks English.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Talking about ongoing actions

You can use present progressive with actions that are happening at the moment.

Look at the pictures and identify ongoing actions.
What is Yira doing right now? (Information questions)
             She is walking.

           Is Yira walking? (Yes/ no questions)
             Yes, she is.
             No, she´s not.

           is Alberto running?
           yes, he is.
            no, he´s not.

There are sports and exercises we can use in present progressive also you can use time expressions.

Play + sports (vocabulary (soccer/ baseball etc.)

What sports are you playing this weekend/ week/ month/ season/ semester/ year/morning?

 She is playing baseball this week.

 He´s playing tennis.

Do +Activities

What activities are you doing THESE days / right now?

 I am doing aerobics/ yoga/ weight training/ karate.

Go + outdoor activities /activities ending in ING (rock climbing, bicycling, hiking, hunting etc.)


What outdoor activities are you doing these days?

I go (climbing/ hiking)

                                                      go hiking

                                                 go riding

                                                            Go rock climbing

Sunday, May 5, 2013



May 5, 2013


Slang of the day:

I take my hat off to you (we use this slang to talk about someone you admire, respect)

In today’s class we were studying some information questions. What do you do in your free time?

Look at the pictures

Where do you go in your free time?


How often do you go to Juan Valdez Café?
Who do you go out with?
Where do you go with your girlfriend/ boyfriend?
When do you go to the walls with your boyfriend/ girlfriend?


How do you get there?


You can visit this web site to practice exercises about WH questions.


Monday, April 15, 2013

As far as English is concerned, in today´ s world people face stiff competition. This language is necessary at work, at the university, at school. In this blog I would like to post articles, videos and different activities that can help people improve English.